Prevent Back Pain at Your Desk Job

We are pretty sure you didn’t see anything in the job description about chronic back pain when you applied for your desk job. However, majority of people with desk jobs develop just that. The funny thing is that twenty years ago, chiropractors dealt with people who moved too much for a living. Now, the opposite […]

The Many Health Benefits of Probiotics

As far as yogurt is concerned, probiotics are the new marketing trend for many brands. While food marketing can be deceptive, probiotics are something you should consider adding to your diet, especially when they offer so many health benefits. Simply put, probiotics are living organisms that can benefit their host. They are the good bacteria […]

Using Habits to Get Healthier

We all know what it takes to eat better and live healthier lives. However, not many of us do it. We know that we should order a salad sans the dressing when we go out to eat instead of a burger and fries or spend 30 minutes doing some form of exercise. If being healthy […]

Can Fast Food Really be Healthy?

The research is saying no way!  Despite the best efforts of popular fast food chains to sell us on the idea that having a fruit cup alongside our double-bacon cheeseburger is a healthy combination, new studies show that greasy fast food companies have done little over the past couple decades to change their unhealthy ingredients […]