3 Quick Fixes to Coping With Stress



Feeling stressed out or anxious is not an emotion anyone wants to cope with on a daily basis. The general feeling of being trapped with nowhere to go can stem from work responsibilities, family issues, money problems, or even a dislike of your self-image. We all have that friend who has little to no responsibilities who tells us to “just relax” when we are trying to vent or deal with our issues. “Just relaxing” can be harder than most people think, and sometimes it can feel near impossible to turn off your subconscious. Since we all cannot drop what we are doing to fly to Bora Bora, here are three quick ways to manage your stress so that you can manage your most pressing issues with a calm mind. 

The first step in dealing with stress and anxiety is to carve out a small chunk of your time in order to properly deal with it. Many people get so caught up in their lives that they believe they have zero free time to stop and do nothing. I would counter that if you sit and think about your day, you will be able to add up the minutes that you spent doing activities that were not vital to your health and well-being. If you take the time you spend on your phone using “apps” and apply it to these exercises it will show a marked improvements in how you feel about yourself and how you handle stress.


As silly as it seems to think about, so few of us actually think about how we breathe on a daily basis. The act of stopping for five minutes and concentrating on breathing deeply in and out will push an imaginary reset button in your brain, You will feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of your day.


We all have commutes, the lucky ones have just five minutes between their house and work, but the rest of us may be in a car for a couple hours each day. All you need is three minutes to listen to a song that calms your mind down. Even better, if you sing out your frustrations that will help you vent out any anxiety in a positive manner that will allow you to feel like you have expelled your issues.


For those of us without a pass to the gym, body movement is still very important. You do not need to run 10 miles a day in order to reach a “runner’s high”. Getting up from your chair and moving around the office, doing a few crunches or sit ups, or just going for a walk on your lunch break will help with endorphin release in your brain.

As quick as these fixes can be we still tell ourselves that we have no time to perform them. The most important thing about stress is to stop and figure out what is causing it. Then you will be more active in seeking out those few minutes that you otherwise wasted, in order to take these easy steps towards fixing anxiety. 

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