3 Tips for Sticking With Cold Weather Exercise

I’m not a cold weather fan. I don’t like the chapped lips, dry skin, or chills that run up and down the spine. I hate cold feet, and I despise that burning feeling in the throat that comes from breathing in cold air.

Because of my dislike for cold weather, this time of year is especially tough on me in the world of health and fitness. The only thing I want to do is curl up in a warm bed, and the last thing on my mind is jumping up and working out.

If you are like me and hate working out in the cold weather, there are some steps you can take to ensure fitness success through the cold and dreary months. Take a look at these three motivational techniques to get you off of the warm and cozy couch and into a solid workout routine.

Gear Up

Whether you’re simply going from the car to the gym or you’re literally working out in the cold, having the proper cold weather equipment is essential to long-term success. A warm and comfortable coat or hoodie can break the wind and provide warmth to the muscles. For the very cold, you can even buy fleece-lined workout leggings. It can also be beneficial to keep a hat of some sort, ear warmers, and gloves on hand. It’s going to be cold outdoors … that’s a given. But with the proper gear, you can cut the painful cold and keep your body warm enough to enjoy your workout.

Adjust Your Schedule

It can be beneficial to work out at a different time of day when it’s cold out. If you’re an outdoor fitness enthusiast, wait until the warmest time of day which is often in the afternoon. If you workout indoors, you may not have to adjust as much. You can also switch it up, which can beat the cold as well as keep it interesting. For example, where I live it might be in the 60s one day (great outdoor workout weather) and in the 30s the next (better for indoor workouts). Simply planning ahead can make a big difference in your ability to stay on task during this time of year.

Fuel Yourself Properly

Many people tend to feel really hungry when it’s cold out. It is thought that this is our body’s natural defense against the cold, essentially fattening us up for protection against the blustery wind. Though it can be tempting to binge on warm comfort foods, do your best to stick to your healthy diet. It’s OK to go for a hot drink or even some comfort foods at the end of a long day, but try to hold off until your workout is complete. Otherwise you may be too full and cozy to get yourself up and moving.

Staying fit in the winter is tough. We all tend to eat a little more, move a little less, and the layers of clothing help us to hide it. If you want to stay in shape through the colder temperatures, get yourself prepared with these simple and easy to use tips. Before you know it, the warm weather will be back and you’ll be at the top of your game when it does.

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