5 Ways to Fight Flu Before You Get It


When “flu season” comes around, it bothers me in a mental sense more than it does physically. Feeling sick is never a fun experience. With influenza, it seems that you are too sick to want to do anything, but not sick enough to stay home. On top of that feeling the flu seems to linger for many days whereas other diseases come and go much faster. Part of what keeps it around is that we rush back to work or other activities before the disease has run its course. Most of us usually begin taking Vitamin C when someone from the workplace comes down with the flu, but I wanted to look up a variety of ways to stay healthy without having to get a flu shot. I have no problem with inoculations, but whenever I go to get a flu shot I feel just as bad as if I did not. To avoid getting the shot, I found five ways to keep the flu from digging its claws into you.

Washing your hands is the easiest and best practice to keep yourself free of disease. Most people are aware of this. The problem comes when it is not habitual for you prior to flu season. When you shake hands, high five, or touch items being used by others you are sharing bacteria that can lead to illness. A higher state of alertness can make it easy to remember to keep your hands clean, even during the busiest of working days. Always try to keep some hand sanitizer around so that if you cannot make it to a bathroom to wash with hot water and soap, you are at least doing something to keep the germs away.

When you think about your body, there are not many ways for illness to get in without a cut in your skin. We usually give diseases to ourselves through constant touching of our face or eyes. Try to remain conscientious of what you are doing with your hands so that when you go to wipe your mouth you do not ingest the flu virus. Try keeping a handkerchief available so that you have a clean way of rubbing your eyes or wiping your face throughout the day.

Consuming one or two garlic cloves per day can help boost your immune system against infectious diseases, and help get rid of them quicker if they do get hold. Garlic is rich in many different vitamins that go a long way toward preventing the outbreak. If eating them raw is not for you, just incorporate it into your meals so that it adds its great flavor to each dish; that’s not a bad way to fight disease.

Sleep can be a backbreaker when it comes to preventing disease. If you are stressed or staying up too late, your immune system can decline in its ability to fight off infections. Make sure during flu season you are getting to bed earlier so that your body is running at peak efficiency.

Finally, the old remedy of drinking enough fluids is one of the most important preventative methods for a cold. Most people do not start consuming enough liquids until they are already sick. Keeping leftover toxins flushed out of your body is a great benefit to your immune system.

There are lots of ways to keep yourself flu free, but the nice thing about these remedies is that they will benefit you out side of flu season as well as during it. When you find yourself surrounded by sick coworkers, do not despair. We may have to live with the newest strain of the common cold each year, but that does not mean we are powerless against it. Try out these remedies to give yourself a fighting chance when the germs start flying.

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