Adrenal Fatigue: Signs and Solutions for Women

You may have heard of adrenal fatigue. No, not ringing a bell? Perhaps you’ve heard of the very important chemical that your adrenal glands produce: Hormones. Hormones are a big part of your body and overall health. In every person’s body, whether male or female, the hormones are balanced delicately and play very significant roles. When they are askew, it can wreak havoc in your body.

Women, more so than men, tend to be the sufferers of imbalanced hormones. Because of the natural swings that occur in a woman’s body, they are a bit more susceptible to these sorts of problems. Take a look at these common symptoms that may accompany an adrenal fatigue, followed by what you can do to make the situation better.


  • Weight Problems – This is one of the most frustrating symptoms for women. These weight issues could swing in either direction. You may find it incredibly difficult to lose weight or incredibly difficult to gain.

  • Fatigue – It can be hard to know if your fatigue is due to adrenal fatigue or to the regular demands of life. If your lack of energy is even more severe than normal without any changes to the routine, adrenal fatigue may be expected.

  • Sleep Trouble – Insomnia is a common problem for those suffering from this issue. Little or poor quality sleep may take over your life when your hormones get out of control.

  • Inability to Concentrate – You know that “foggy brain” feeling that we all get from time to time? While this can be a perfectly normal reaction to many stressors, it might also indicate a problem with adrenal fatigue, especially when paired with any of the other symptoms listed.


  • Well-Balanced Diet – A diet of fruits, veggies, and lean proteins can improve the general state of your health. It is thought by some that a poor diet further contributes to the problem of imbalanced hormones, so by maintaining a good diet, you may help yourself in this area.

  • Consistent Exercise – This is another way in which you can maintain a healthy weight. The healthier your weight, the more likely you are to help keep the hormones properly balanced. Though not necessarily a cure, it may make a big difference for some people.

If you suspect adrenal fatigue, one of your best courses of action is to get to the doctor for a quick checkup. Professional help in this area might help you regain your body and your sanity. With balanced hormones, your body works and feels its best, and you can live a life of health and wellness for a lifetime.

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