Easily Found Superfoods for Men


My favorite food on this planet is chicken wings. I have given up hope of finding a legitimate health benefit to chicken wings other than protein, so I eat them in moderation. Men everywhere are bombarded with the temptation to eat poorly. Fast food makes eating on the road convenient. Delivered take out food makes leaving the couch while you are watching a sports game almost impossible. Even when we make the effort to actually cook for ourselves, the temptation to overdo the salt or butter can be too great most times.

Portion control can always be an issue if we consume too much of anything. It is equally important that whatever we do decide to eat be packed with the nutrients that we need. Newly labeled “super foods” are stuffed with antioxidants, proteins, and amino acids that help our bodies thrive or heal.  Here are some of those  “super foods” for men that will help us get on top of the essentials our body needs that we neglect so easily.

The first food that needs to be a part of our diets is nuts. They contain fatty acids (the good fats) that can aid your risk of heart disease later in life. Almonds and pistachios in particular are loaded with Vitamin E and increase your metabolism once consumed. Since I commute to work quite a bit, nuts are the perfect snack to keep in my car. They take awhile to spoil, they do not need to be refrigerated, and if I am running late for a meeting they keep my stomach satisfied until I can have a full lunch. Just remember that if you are going to eat them, the “super food” label does not apply to honey roasted types sadly.

Berries are fantastic for antioxidants. Strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and especially blueberries all give major boosts to your antioxidant intake. Antioxidants are fantastic immune system boosters, and go aid our fight against heart disease. Berries are my favorite food because on top of being healthy for you, they also taste delicious 

Avocado is all the rage in fitness circles today. People eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner because of it’s healthy fat properties. Avocado is loaded with fiber as well and is perfect for diets since the fiber content leaves you feeling satisfied after your meal and will not give you a burst of cravings later that you must overcome. Avocado is great for picky eaters since it does not have a ton of flavor. You can mix it in with almost anything and it will not affect the flavor profile while giving you the nutrients you need.

Finally cutting out the soda in our diet can be a tough challenge. With the explosion of tea options on the market today it can be a lot easier. Swapping soda for tea makes for a huge calorie discount each day. Also tea will aid your fat burning attempts by stimulating your metabolism. Every time I have a glass of tea it does not take too long before I am accosted with a growling stomach because my metabolism is running at full speed.

Keeping up with food trends can be a daunting and expensive task. I do not have a Whole Foods market near me to run and buy a fruit I have never heard of before. I am sure that those foods they supply are incredible for you, but they are not easy on the wallet. All the foods I have listed above can be found almost anywhere, and they will profoundly impact both the energy you have during the day and your waistline. Start incorporating them into your diet today so that small weight losses become a part of your life!

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