Exercises That Build Strong and Powerful Lungs

The lungs are an important part of the body. We need them to breathe, which is a task that we quite obviously cannot live without. From the time that we are young, we are taught little techniques for keeping our lungs healthy. Don’t smoke. Avoid pollutants. Get some exercise. All of these are excellent tips for promoting healthy lungs. While the first two are relatively common sense (no smoking, no huffing), the tip about exercise is fairly broad.

All exercise is good for lung function, but aren’t certain kinds better than others? Yes! Check out these exercises that will help you build strong and healthy lungs for a lifetime of health and wellness.


The key to working the lungs during exercise is to find an aerobic exercise. Most people call it cardio. Running is an excellent cardio exercise that will truly challenge the lungs and force your entire body out of its comfort zone. Running works all of your muscles: The glutes, the legs, the arms, and even the abdomen. It requires your heart to pump just a bit harder in order to supply the rest of your body with enough oxygenated blood. And of course, it requires you to expand your lungs in order to take in enough of that oxygen. Start slow with running so that you don’t burn yourself out, but stick with it for optimal results.


If you’re not quite ready for running, try walking instead. Walking requires the same principles as running, only in much lesser quantities and demands. You’ll still work the glutes, legs, arms, and abdomen. You’ll still get your heart pumping, and you’ll still force your lungs to expand. It’s an excellent way to creep into an exercise routine without overdoing it.


Swimming requires rhythmic breathing, which is great for teaching lung control. Your lungs must expand in order to take in a big enough breath to make it to the next stroke. The first time you swim, you’ll likely be out of breath incredibly quickly. Your lungs will burn, and you’ll feel as though you might not make it to the other side of the pool. If you can stick with it, your lung capacity will grow, and swimming will become easier and much more enjoyable.


Yoga is not anything like the exercises mentioned above, and yet, it can be a great tool for healthy lungs. Why? Mostly this is because yoga consciously teaches breathing techniques. It will teach you how to take a deeper breath, and how to hold it for longer. It will teach you how to relax the body instead of panic when it is stressed. If you want a low impact way to build healthy lungs, yoga may be the perfect fit for you.

Building healthy lungs is essential for a healthy and productive life. Those with poor lung function tend to suffer from a poorer quality of life than others, but even those with lung damage may benefit from improving their overall health. Use these exercises to begin the journey to strong lungs, and improve your health, wellness, and life for good.

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