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Smoothie DrinkSmoothies can be a fantastic way to kickoff your morning each day. They are much quicker to make than a traditional American breakfast, and they can be vastly healthier. What you place into the blender can seem okay since it is in a drink form, but many Americans are beginning their day loaded with unnecessary sugars and fats. That is why there are essential items to add to your smoothie each day that can give you huge energy boosts and health benefits. There is also a list of common items to eliminate from your blended drink that will not cause you any crashes or health decline later on.

Protein, vitamins, and fiber should be top of your list each day. When you think protein think plain. Plain yogurt, almond milk, and natural peanut butter kick your smoothie into a protein-blasting treat! They also mix well with most smoothie ingredients, and yogurt mixes with pretty much anything.

Next hit the berry family hard for a boost of antioxidants that are so good for our hearts that will be pumping all day. Adding tasty fruits like apples, bananas, pineapple, and mango can be great for even the pickiest of eaters. However, do not go overboard with those fruits as you can hit your daily sugar intake after your first meal.

Avocado, carrots, kale, and spinach are perfect veggie complements, especially since the fruits can easily mask their tastes. These particular vegetables are loaded with healthy fats and especially vitamins that will provide sustenance for you longer than foods with saturated fats. Super add-ons like chia seeds or flaxseed can also provide a serious amount of antioxidants and vitamins for your system. They are easily added, although they tend to be a little pricy sometimes, particularly the chia seeds. Once you purchase a quantity of them, it usually will last you quite a while since you do not need a ton of them to receive their awesome benefits.

Now on to the things you need to ditch.

The fun thing about smoothies is that there is a ton of options with great flavors. This means that ditching some of these items should be relatively painless for most people.  Concentrated juices are a big no when it comes to flavoring your drink. Although they taste good, the impact of the sugar content is terrible for our bodies. If you must have fruit juice in your smoothie instead of dairy options, make it fresh squeezed juices in small quantities. 

Ice cream should be an obvious way to not start your day, but a lot of smoothie stores with higher fat options contain ice cream instead of frozen yogurt. There is no need to start your day with going back to bed so use the yogurt substitutes as much as you can.

Chocolate syrups and whipped cream are great on desserts, but as breakfast they leave much to be desired. Keeping these thoughts in mind, making your breakfast smoothie should now be much healthier and give you the energy you need to attack the day. There are countless ways to make a smoothie so keep trying because when fruit is involved there is always a good flavor waiting at the end of the recipe.

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