How Soda Truly Affects the Body

sodaSoda is my favorite beverage. As much as I love to have an ice cold beer nothing makes me quite as satisfied as enjoying bottomless refills on a fountain drink. I have always been a soda drinker since my youth, and even though I know it is bad for me I still get cravings for it. I had never looked up just how bad soda can be for us, but I decided to take the plunge.

There are worse beverages or foods you can put into your body, but soda can become an issue because of it’s ingredients and it’s quantity. So we know how great soda tastes, but what does it actually do to your body? Here are a few of the ways soda impacts your teeth and your body in a negative way. 

We only get one set of teeth in our lives and we do everything we can to push them to the limits of destruction. Not saying that everyone is guilty of this, but I think the majority of Americans do not think about the welfare of their teeth on a daily basis. Soda contains a lot of sugar, which is never good for teeth. There are also acids and various preservatives contained within soda that wear away at the enamel of our teeth. Our enamel is our only defense for the interior of teeth, and what keeps them from rotting.

If you must have some soda always make sure that you drink it with a straw so that it is not impacting right on the front of your teeth. Try to drink it faster than just sipping at it, that way your teeth will not be steeping in sugary acids for very long. Finally, if you are the fastidious type, do not brush your teeth immediately after consuming a soda. The bristles on your toothbrush can actually destroy your weakened enamel while the soda remnants are still lingering. That is a lot of negativity for our teeth sadly, but as far as the body goes there is quite a bit more that can go on.

The most disturbing thing I read about soda was that it has a 1 pH difference between itself and battery acid. There is also an almost 50% increase in potential heart disease, and it is tough for your kidneys to process soda which can lead to kidney stones. There is an 80% increase in the likelihood of diabetes and the addicting side of soda comes from a release of dopamine in your brain. Heroin works in the same way physically, but on a much greater scale. Basically soda affects almost your entire body in a negative way, the only positive impact is that we feel good drinking it. We feel good when we are eating donuts too, but that should not mean that we eat two or three donuts with every meal.

Try and substitute ice tea into your diet, and if you must have sugar, add your own. The caffeine boost from tea will aid you, but it does not have a deluge of artificial ingredients like soda does. Water or coffee will quench your thirst as well, but the struggle is very real even for myself when it comes to soda. After doing the research though I will be cutting back in a big way so that this does not cause issues for me later in life.

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