How to Maintain Mental Health After the Holiday High

The holiday hijinks are in full swing. We’re all traveling, giving and receiving gifts, spending time with family and friends, and generally feeling the warm holiday spirit. Whether you actually participate in the holidays or not, it’s hard to avoid some of the holiday goodness seeping in. For many, this is one of the best, most exciting, and genuinely special times of year.

The only downside of the season is the fall that occurs after. The time period following the holidays is one of the most depressing times of year for a great many. In fact, this is the time of year in which we see the highest depression and suicide statistics. Between the return of the humdrum of everyday life and the bitterly cold winter months, it can be hard to shake the blues. If you generally find yourself in these shoes, it’s time to get prepared. Take a look at these tips for maintaining your mental health after the holidays are gone.

Keep Yourself Busy

The holiday months are spent very much on the go. Once that part is over, we’re left back at home with just ourselves and the silence. It can be overwhelming, and since it is such a change from the previous month, we are often left feeling sad. To help negate this, keep yourself busy. This is a great time to join a new class or pick up a new hobby. Find ways to engage the brain and connect with others regularly, and you may be able to keep depression away through it all.

Get Some Sunshine

The lack of sun and influx of cold that follows the holiday season only contributes to our depressive states. The sun, or more importantly the Vitamin D that comes from the sun, helps to keep us well both physically and mentally. It can be tough to find the sunshine during the winter, but it can usually be found with just a day’s drive in one direction or another. Spend a weekend day getting some sun, or even take a day off. Do whatever it takes to keep a little sun and happiness in your life.

Budget Before and After

The lack of money is stressful, and most of us don’t even have two cents to rub together after the holidays. Try to manage your money through the season. Set a budget and stick to it! If it’s too late, set a budget for going into the new year. Not only will it help you save some money and eliminate stress, but it will give you a great sense of purpose, which can also help keep the blues away.

Post holiday stress and depression is a real problem for many people. If you are among this group, don’t fret. Not only will this season pass, but there are some real things that you can do to try to make it better. Use these tips to get you moving down a healthy mental health path, and when you need, never be afraid to seek the help of a professional to get you through.

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