How to Protect Your Spine Against Technology

At first blush, protecting your spine from technology might seem a bit crazy. What in the world can technology do to our spines? What do we need to protect them from? In reality, technology is doing a number on the health of our spines as a whole. The more we use technology, the worse our health in this area is becoming. Of course, since we are unlikely to give up technology anytime in the near future, check out these tips for keeping your spine in better health in spite of our growing technological world.

First, How Does Technology Cause a Problem?

It’s not the technology in and of itself that causes a problem. It’s the manner in which we use it. For that vast majority of the time, technology use means a bent neck, slumped shoulders, and downcast eyes. It means horrendous posture and hours and hours spent in an awkward position. No wonder it’s killing our spines! To make matters worse, it also means limited movement and quite a bit of a sedentary lifestyle. With this becoming more and more common, poor spinal health is also becoming a significant problem.

Tips for Management and Improvement

Since technology is a staple of our lives at this point, it’s important to find ways to manage technology use and our health to find a perfect balance. Some common tips include:

  • Limit Screen Time – Schedule your screen time for certain hours of the day, and then get off of the computer. This limits the time you are seated with poor posture, and also encourages more movement. Of course, with work and a tiny computer carried around in our pockets (or hands!), this tip is incredibly difficult to manage long-term.

  • Personalize Your Surroundings – If you can’t give up technology or limit your screen time in any significant way, try making your surroundings more comfortable and supportive. Buy a chair that supports the lower back and neck. Get a pillow that creates stability for the head. Small changes to your environment may make a big difference in your long-term health.

  • Get Chiropractic Care – This tip is beneficial for everyone in today’s world. Chiropractors work specifically on the spine. They’ll look for misalignments, and when they are found, they’ll correct them. This correction helps keep pain and discomfort far away, which then helps you maintain better posture. With regular care, a chiropractor may be able to help maintain this health, and then promote a cycle of good health and wellness for your spine and your entire body.

Though your screen time and surroundings are up to you, to get chiropractic care, you will need the help of a qualified professional. For high quality care that might really make a difference, get to The Joint Chiropractic. At The Joint, chiropractors not only care about your well-being, but they prove it through a walk-in appointment policy and an affordable pricing plan that makes getting care easier than ever. Admit it: You’re not going to give up your favorite devices, and that’s OK. Protect your spine and boost your health with a trip to The Joint as soon as today.

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