Portion Control – The key to Daily Dieting


Big Dinner

The all-you-can-eat buffets in Las Vegas are always a good time when you are on vacation. Piles of delicious food, beckoning you to have just a little bit more or to try the station you have not been to yet. This form of eating is ridiculous in many of our minds and most of us think we only do it in those vacation environments. However, most people around the world are still in an all-you-can-eat mode, even when they are at home.

When you are portioning your dinner each night do you know exactly how much your body needs? Do you eat until all the food is gone and the rest of the night is spent groaning on the couch? Many of us, myself included until recently, cook what we think is a great portion of food and eat until we are full. Even having a healthy balanced meal can be worthless if you eat too much of it. Now if you eat a giant bucket of celery, odds are you will not be gaining fifty pounds. If you consume a substantial amount of avocado or nuts, the “healthy fats”, you will still gain weight. These are a couple of examples of over-consuming healthy foods, but there are steps that will help you portion your meals so that you are sustained without eating more than you are working off.

Skipping a meal is never a way to lose weight. If you are skipping meals undoubtedly you will be extra hungry when you get to the next one thus eating more than you need. Three healthy meals a day will benefit you much more than two big meals. Some of us may have a bodybuilder friend who brings a scale with them to weigh their food before they eat it.  It is easy to laugh about how “crazy” they are for doing this, but they are closer to the mark of where we need to be then away from it. If you practice portion control it will always come down to getting the correct amounts for each person you serve. This can be a more of a challenge if you are cooking for more than just yourself.

The serving size on every box is usually less then what it contains. This especially can come into play with snack foods. If you need a snack during the day there is no problem with that, the secret is in how you portion that snack. One serving size will undoubtedly leave you wanting more, but that is the main idea. Try counting out a perfect portion size and see what it actually looks like. This may shock you that when you sit and reach into the bag until you are satisfied you are eating significantly more than is recommended. The biggest change I made for myself is planning my meals ahead of time. It only takes about fifteen minutes to sit down and write out what you plan to eat for the week.

If you end up going to a surprise dinner be careful with how much you eat there. Having a nice meal now and then is not so bad, but if you eat out frequently your portion size will be thrown off. Restaurants usually give you your money’s worth in size, but in regards to calorie count you may be off the charts. These are only a few of the many ways to over eat, but portion control only needs a little bit of time and discipline. The long-term benefits include being healthier, and saving much more money since your groceries last longer. Give yourself twenty minutes today to measure out your portions, and impact your life.

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