Smoothies vs. Juicers, Which is Best for You?

Big Breakfast

As delicious as a good American breakfast can be, sometimes making that kind of setup every day can take too much time. My wife was the first in our household to start making smoothies for her breakfast. She keeps them healthy with a combination of banana, low fat milk, ice, flaxseed, and whichever berries she wants that day. She has been drinking these for several months, but she is starting to wonder if there is a difference between drinking from a juicer or continuing to drink her smoothies. I decided to dive into the differences to see if there are any major pros or cons to the two systems, and how to get the best out of your drinks.

Juicing is a quick way to get vitamins and minerals into your system without all the timely preparation that can go into a full meal. When you take vitamin supplements most of what is contained within goes to waste before your body can utilize it. Drinking raw vegetables and fruits allows your body the proper digestion, making sure that those vitamins get where they need to be. One of the main downsides to a juicer is that it will remove most of the fiber from the drink. If you are worried about that, fiber can be easily supplemented with other meals throughout the day. Mixing fruits and vegetables can lead to increased sugar intake, but it is very easy to mask the taste of vegetables with a juicer. This is a great bonus for those of us with picky palates. If you must have vegetables, mixing them with fruit will mask the taste almost entirely.

Smoothies have no filter, unlike the juicer, so all that fiber is going to stay within them if you decide to add vegetables to the mix. The tempting thing about smoothies is to make them sweeter than they need to be. Adding ice cream, sweet milks, and lots of tropical fruits to your smoothie can make them taste amazing. However, when you add up all the sugar you are adding to your diet, this can be a poor way to start your day. A great tasting smoothie with ice cream can be great every now and then, but it needs to be treated like a dessert. As long as you keep your smoothie base to ice, fat free milk, and minimize the fruits, then your smoothie should be relatively healthy.

A smoothie just like how my wife prepares it ended up being one of the best ways to go about making them. The added benefit of being able to throw in supplements like flaxseed, healthy fats like nuts, or protein powders for weight lifters gives smoothies the edge. With how many poor decisions we can make to start our day, smoothies are a tasty and easy way to give your body a boost. Common sense is the most important ingredient to add to your smoothie recipe, and combined with healthy ingredients can be the first step to losing those extra pounds that have plagued you for so long. 

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