Tips for Burning More Calories With Your Regular Routine

When people workout, they are looking to do just a handful of things. It’s usually to lose weight, maintain weight, or strengthen the body. Most of the time, it’s a combination of all three. When you first begin a workout, you have adrenaline and excitement to keep you going. And in the beginning, you might find some pounds melt off. After a while, this progress tends to slow down, and working out becomes a little bit discouraging.

So, what do you do if you love your workout, but the progress has stalled? Do you really have to start all over, searching for something new and hoping something sticks? Luckily, you might be able to salvage your most-loved workouts and burn more calories with just a few artfully applied tips and tricks.

Add Speed and/or Intervals

Changing the intensity is crucial if you want to burn more calories without changing the routine. If you normally jog, run for the same amount of time but alternate between jogging and sprints. The same method can be applied for almost any sort of cardio training. Do short bursts of intense exercise, and then slow it down, and then repeat. Intervals are one of the best ways to get your heartrate up into that fat-burning zone and keeping it there.

Add Weights

There is nothing that beats weights. Weights are much more important than most people realize. Adding weights, even if they are simple handheld weights, can challenge and strengthen the muscles, add resistance, and force your body to work harder even though you are doing the same moves as usual. This is an excellent way to burn fat and tone the muscles to show off the defined body that you’ve been working toward.

Increase the Heat

This should be done with caution, as getting too hot during exercise can be dangerous. If you want to sweat a bit more, you can try working out in a location that is warmer than normal. Are you an inside exerciser? Take it outdoors for a few days. You’ll be surprised at how much a new environment can change your same old routine.

If you want to take your workout up a notch, but aren’t too keen on starting over, give any or all of these tips a try. Burning a few more calories is all about paying attention to detail. Adjust your normal routine, and you can burn more calories and get in better shape while still loving your usual workout.

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