Tips for Helping Your Kids Sleep Soundly

There is almost nothing worse than a lack of sleep. As kids, or even as teens, you could go days and days without enough sleep with few noticeable side effects. As adults, one night’s bad sleep is likely to last for days. The truth is that a lack of sleep really does hurt your health. Whether you’re an adult or child, and whether or not you outwardly notice the side effects, a lack of sleep is absolutely harmful.

If you’re a family person with children, you may not be getting the sleep you need. Kids tend to get a little out of whack when it comes to sleep, and unfortunately we often suffer more than they do. To get your kids more quality sleep (and therefore you too!), check out these tips for better rest.

Get Them Up and Moving

If your child isn’t burning enough energy throughout the day, they may not be able to wind down and sleep enough at night. To really help them get some of that energy out, get them off of an electronic device and up and moving. If the weather is nice enough, get them outside. Not only will they get some healthy playtime, but the sun will also help with sleeping later in the day. If the weather is poor, find an indoor playground or play some active games inside. Even an active video game (think Wii or Playstation Move) can burn off some energy and keep your kids engaged.

Play Peaceful, Constant Noise

Sometimes it can be too quiet. Then when a noise does occur, it wakes up your kids and keeps them up. To help them sleep well, try some peaceful, constant noise. Some people like a white noise, which is a noise that isn’t music, but is steady and constant. Other people may enjoy soft music without words or nature sounds. Stick to slow and calming sound; anything too upbeat, too loud, or even too wordy can seep into your consciousness and wake you up. Find what works for your kids and watch them sleep like a baby.

Set a Bedtime and Stick to It

Most kids have bedtimes, but the key is sticking to it. Make sure your children are abiding by their bedtime even when the whining and complaining kick in. Begin the winding down routine an hour or half-hour before it’s time to get in bed. They need this opportunity to let their quickly developing and busy minds wind down. Along with a bedtime, try and get your kids on a consistent wake-up time as well. This just helps reinforce the routine and makes for easier nights down the road.

When you don’t get enough sleep, it can be tough to get through the day. And when your kids don’t sleep, neither do you. If you need your kids to sleep more soundly, try adding these tips to their nightly routine. Before long you might find that you have healthier and more well-rested kids, which means a healthier and more well-rested family as a whole.

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