Why Weights Are Your BFF for Weight Loss

When it comes to a great body, diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend. Instead, your weight loss BFF is found in the weight room. Losing weight and building muscle are necessary parts of an incredible partnership. When you really want to lose weight and sculpt muscle, lifting weights is one of the absolute best ways to do it. To get your body in tight form, check out these great reasons to hit the weightroom starting as soon as today.

You’ll Sculpt Like Never Before

As much as we would like to think that running or walking is going to make the fat melt off and show off some awesome muscle definition, it’s probably not going to happen without some significant help. Can cardio help with weight loss? Yes. Will you have muscles waiting underneath? Yes, but it won’t be the taut and toned body that you’re looking for. Weights work by literally tearing your muscles down. As you recover, the muscles repair themselves, and these little repairs make the muscles appear larger. This is how you build true definition, and without weights, that’s definitely going to be hard to do.

You May Not Lose Weight, But You’ll Lose Inches

You have probably heard that muscle weighs more than fat. This is kind of true and kind of not. A pound is a pound no matter the substance of which it is made. A more accurate description might say that a pound of muscle takes up less space than fat. So, as you build muscle and lose fat, the scale may not move at all. If you’re willing to move toward other measures of success, you might find that even though the scale stays the same, you may lose inches. Pants will be looser, waists smaller, and the fat will disappear and leave toned muscles in their place.

You’ll Burn More Fat

Any sort of exercise burns calories, but if you want to burn more, you really need to lift. Because of the density of muscles, they require more energy. As you fuel your body with a good diet, your muscles take a little more of that fuel and burn it off to keep your muscles strong and working. The stronger you make those muscles, the more energy they will require, and the more fat you will burn as a result. When fat loss is your overall goal, lift weights and you’ll be stunned at the results.

Many people may not like to hear that weightlifting is so beneficial. After all, it’s hard work! But, as shown above, it’s hard work that is definitely worth it. Add some weightlifting to your regular workout routine, and get a body that is strong, fit, and healthier for a lifetime.

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