3 Basic Ways to Melt Fat

We all know that exercise is a good thing. We know that we’re supposed to run or walk or do kickboxing. Still, even though we have this knowledge, it’s hard to make it happen sometimes. Sometimes it takes a new approach. If you can’t seem to get your exercise in every day, then try making the most of the time that you do spend working out. How do you do that? Look to exercises that get you sweating and burn more fat. To get you moving down the right path, check out these powerful, but tough workouts to add to the routine.

Jump Rope

If you haven’t jumped rope since you were a kid, you’re going to be shocked at just how difficult it really is. No wonder kids are so fit and thin! You’ll probably go into it with high expectations, but those will be dashed after about 50 jumps. Your sides will burn. Your lungs will demand air. Your legs will become jelly. As long as you’re not in significant pain, these are good signs! It means your body is working really hard. By the end, you’ll be sweating, sucking air, and burning more fat than ever.


This method of exercise, otherwise known as high intensity interval training, includes long periods of intense exercise with short bursts of rest. It keeps your heart rate up, which then keeps your body in the fat burning zone. Don’t go into this type of workout lightly. It’s tough! You’ll need to take it slowly, build your stamina, and work toward higher levels of fitness over time.


Dancing not only burns a lot of calories and gets you sweating, but it’s a ton of fun! You can pick your favorite kind, but the faster paced, the better it will be for fat loss. Try hip-hop, jazz, or salsa. Join a local class, find a partner, or turn up the music in your own home. If you really want to burn more fat, dancing is one of the best workouts ever.

Exercise shouldn’t be too terribly easy. It should challenge your muscles and lungs and general fitness level. And, if you want to burn more fat, it should get your body’s heat up and get you sweating. Get on the road to more fat loss, better health, and a body to be proud of by incorporating these exercise into your routine starting today.

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