3 Benefits of Eating More Onion

Onion is a food with mixed reviews. Some love the stout taste and smell and use it to season everything. Others shy away from the smell and avoid eating it at all costs. If you’re not a fan of this bulb vegetable, it might be time to give it another shot. Check out these three incredible reasons to add onion to your regular menu.

The Benefits of Eating Onion

  • It Boosts the Immune System – A compound in onion gives a boost to any Vitamin C within the body. Vitamin C is a nutrient that is well known for its ability to boost the immune system and fight off illness. The more onion you eat, the more likely your immune system will respond, and the less illness you may suffer from as a result.

  • Eating Onion Reduces Inflammation – You may not even realize it, but your body swells occasionally. Your joints, your muscles, and various other parts of your body experience slight swelling that generally manifests as pain. Onion does a good job of reducing this inflammation, and as a great bonus, it helps get rid of the associated pain as well.

  • It’s Thought to Prevent Cancer – We all know that there is no surefire way to prevent cancer, but many doctors believe that onions contain a compound which fights off the free radicals that cause cancer. Eat a little bit of onion every day, and you may boost your body’s cancer fighting abilities greatly.

How to Eat Onion

It’s easy to read these benefits and consciously acknowledge that onions should be eaten. It’s another thing to actually eat them, especially if you’re not keen on the flavor. Check out these easy ways to add a little onion to your diet.

  • Go Raw – A slice of raw onion makes an excellent addition to certain sides such as beans. Even some who don’t generally like the stout flavor enjoy the onion when paired appropriately.

  • Sautee Them – When you cook onions, they lose some of the flavor and become slightly sweet. Try chopping up the onions, adding some of your favorite veggies, and sauteeing them in olive oil. It’s an excellent way to get multiple healthy benefits with very little effort.

  • Buy Sweet Onions – Luckily, not all onions are strong. Some onions are actually sweet, even when they’re eaten raw. If you can’t stomach the regular white onions, try the sweeter yellow onions or go for purple or red. Change it up and keep it interesting to get the benefits without gagging through dinner.

If you don’t like onions, that’s OK. But, with the many benefits that come from consuming them, it might be worth a little experimenting. Find something that works for you, add a little onion to your diet, and boost your health in no time.

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