3 Healthy Alternatives to Peanut Butter

There’s a large debate over the health aspects of peanut butter. This is a complex food. Some claim it’s an excellent addition to your menu, and others believe that it contains too many calories and too many fats. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle: It’s healthy in moderation, but not so much in excess.

So, what happens when you have a soft spot for this tasty and stomach filling food? When you just can’t seem to stop? Luckily, you have some options. If you’re a peanut butter lover, but need something just a bit healthier, check out these three slightly healthier alternatives.


You can find this powdered peanut butter in most grocery stores. It’s essentially peanut butter, but it has been dehydrated, stripped of most of the fat and oils, and put back in powder form. It’s much lower calorie and lower fat, but it’ll still give you that kick of protein. To eat it, you’ll have to add water, but your best bet for PB2 is probably to use it as a cooking agent. Put it in your cookie recipe or other favorite dish. You’ll get that delicious peanut butter flavor, but without all of those dense calories.

Almond Butter

The downside to almond butter is that it is expensive. Other than that, it’s an excellent option for taking the place of peanut butter. Almonds are high in protein, lower in fat than peanuts, and still contain healthy oils. You’ll have to get used to the flavor since it, quite obviously, has a slightly different taste than its peanut counterpart. Once you get used to it, almond butter can take the place of peanut butter in almost any setting.

Pumpkin Butter

Yep, this is a real thing. Pumpkin can be made into a buttery substance for spreading and cooking. It’s lower calorie, still packs protein, and has a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. When fall rolls around, this is an excellent option as it really helps bring in the season. Use pumpkin butter for cooking delicious treats, spreading on toast, or try some fun new recipes for a brand new twist to your regular menu.

You can still eat peanut butter and stay healthy, but moderation is key. When you’ve had too much peanut butter and need to cut back, use these options to take its place. You’ll get your fix, but without the unhealthy aspects that come with excessive peanut butter consumption. You can have the benefits, the diversity, and bring a whole new spin to a deliciously healthy menu.

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