3 Simple Ways to Cut More Calories

I’ll never forget the first time a fitness professional told me that I had to cut calories. I wanted to lose a few pounds, and as a person who already worked out, the next step was to help create that caloric deficit. The advice sent me into a bit of a panic. Cut calories? Great, I’ll be eating like a rabbit and never have anything good again. Fortunately, I was wrong. I quickly learned that cutting calories doesn’t have to be some big momentous event. It can be simple as long as you have the right knowledge and a plan. If you find yourself in need of cutting a few calories, check out these three simple tips.

Cut Out the Salad Dressing

You made the right choice and ordered an incredibly healthy salad for dinner. It’s only 500 calories! Good for you! This is an incredible choice worth celebrating … unless you take that 500-calorie salad and drizzle 300 calories worth of dressing on top. Salad dressings tend to be packed with calories. If you want to cut a few calories, skip it completely. If you need a topping of some sort, drizzle olive oil and seasoning, a little apple cider vinegar, or simple salt and pepper.

Use Small Plates

Our eyes truly are bigger than our stomachs. If you switch to using smaller plates, it is believed that the average person eats 20-25 percent less. You’ll naturally choose smaller portion sizes, and even if you have an overflowing plate, it will be less than what you would put on a regular sized or large plate. Just make sure that you don’t go back for seconds, as this will pretty much defeat the purpose completely.

Drink Water Before Every Meal

If you want to eat less, fill your stomach up with water first. Not only will this help you eat less, but it will hydrate your body and keep you healthier long-term. Before every meal, drink one glass of water. If you need to, add another glass just after each meal. You’ll eat less because there will be less room for food. While it may not feel like it’s working in the beginning, you’ll feel the results in no time.

Cutting calories doesn’t have to be a big deal. If you make it more difficult than it has to be, you’re more likely to fail. Just use these small simple tips to give you a fresh start. By cutting just a few calories a day, you can trim your body fat, show off your muscles, and boost your health for good.

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