4 Beautiful Bilberry Benefits

Bilberry is a fruit that possesses healing properties and has health-boosting benefits unlike any other berry. Bilberries are packed full of chemicals called anthocyanosides that hold the majority of the fruit’s antioxidant properties, as well as a large quantity of vitamin C.berries

Antioxidants are essential to a healthy lifestyle, as they help to prevent, decrease and reverse any damage to cells within the body from free radicals. Just as with any other fruit, in order to obtain all of the nutritional benefits, one simply needs to consume them in their natural form, fresh or dried, through the ingestion of bilberry tea, extract or berries.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency

In many countries throughout the world, healthcare professionals often use bilberry extract to help lessen the symptoms of and fully treat chronic venous insufficiency. This is an ailment in which valves throughout the leg veins struggle to carry blood to the heart, and end up damaged, causing painful swelling, varicose veins and skin ulcers. 

Blood Clot Prevention

Anthocyanosides are also closely linked to the prevention of oxidation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL). This essentially means that bilberries help to reduce the likelihood of plaque build up and hardening within the arteries because of poor cholesterol levels. With a lessened chance of plaque in the arteries, risk factors for heart attack and stroke decrease greatly. These chemicals also help in reducing the likelihood that your blood clots will clump.

Diabetes and Retinopathy

Retinopathy is the word used to describe the damage that can occur in the eye, specifically in the retina. This usually occurs due to chronic and repetitive high blood pressure and blood sugar. This being said, bilberries are also great for those with diabetes as it is known to help regulate blood glucose levels.

Gastrointestinal Benefits

Bilberry fruit contains tannins that reduce the lasting effects of diarrhea, such as intestinal inflammation; many also use the berry to naturally fight and increase healing of stomach ulcers, according to the NIH. 


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