4 Strange Reasons You’re Always So Tired

tiredWith so much to do and so little time to do it, one of the biggest challenges we face in today’s world is getting enough sleep. We are all so worn down, so tired, so starved of energy because we all have such busy schedules; there are often so many things we need to accomplish in every day, that we slowly push rest, recovery and rejuvenation further down on the list of things we absolutely have to do.

With social media taking over the world, we are spending more time in front of a screen, even taking time to stay up until all hours of the night, playing a video game, reading online, chatting, streaming, using video, etc. We find ourselves so tired when it comes time to actually get up and get moving, and this is drastically dragging down the overall health of the United States. There are also other things in our lives that we do without even realizing just how much energy they suck from us. Take a look:

Minimal Sleep
Sleep isn’t just something we do to pass the time at night; it actually serves a purpose. Many of us feel so tired because we don’t get enough actual sleep at night. It seems like an obvious choice as to why we’re all so tired, but knowing just why it’s important may help many of us to re-prioritize it in our lives.

Sleep plays a vital role in making our muscles healthy, our bones strong and our minds even stronger. Without sleep, growth hormones cannot be made, and we are not only stunting the growth of our brains, but of our bodies too. Lack of sleep is the open door to depression, fatigue, anxiety, poor eating habits and much more. Put down the smartphone, the tablets and the television remote control, and get some sleep.

Your Diet Sucks
Junk food ruins not just your body, but your mind too; when those are both out of sync, your energy suffers too. Packed full of sugars, salts, additives and other harmful chemicals, eating junk food can leave you bogged down, depleted and wishing you had more energy. Putting stress on the organs to do their jobs, requires more energy to be taken from the body. When the body is working overtime, it runs on empty all too often.

It’s no energy drink, but in actuality that’s a good thing. Drinking plenty of water each day keeps the muscles lubricated, the joints in good health, your mind fresh and your energy levels exactly where they should be. Drinking energy drinks to get artificial energy, just results in a crash. Water hydrates the body and revitalizes it as a whole.

Low amounts of Vitamin B
In order for the body to turn glucose within the body into energy to function correctly, the levels of B vitamins must meet a certain requirement. When the body lacks this specific amount, we feel tired, sleepy and cannot properly function. Vitamin B is found efficiently in a healthy overall diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables keep the body stocked with an ample supply of the vitamin to keep you going in a healthy way.


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