4 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism


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Boosting your metabolism is an important key to losing weight. When your body burns calories at a naturally higher rate, you can expect faster weight loss, enabling you to reach your goals sooner. You can boost your metabolism by following these four steps.

Build More Muscle

Everyone has a resting metabolism rate. This means that even when you are doing nothing your body is burning calories. Fat will only burn about two calories per day. Having more muscle, though, means that your body will burn about 6 calories per day even when resting. By regular exercise and building more muscle, you will naturally burn more calories – day and night.

Stick to the Right Amount of Calories

Eating according to the recommended amount of calories for someone your height, weight, and gender, will help you lose weight. If you eat more than that, it means that you are going to end up storing some of it as fat. Getting the right amount of calories means watching the calories you eat, but you will be glad you did it when you reach your weight loss goals. Make adjustments to the total calories you eat by how active a lifestyle you have.

Increase Your Workout

The more active you are during your workout, the more calories you will burn. This can speed up your weight loss if you are also eating right. Putting out more energy during your workout, or increasing the time, will help you get the results you want faster. If you walk, you can burn more calories by speeding up, or even jogging a little during that time.

Lift Weights

Whether you are a man or a woman, lifting weights will help you burn more calories. This exercise uses more muscles, and muscles will burn more calories when used. In fact, up to nine times as many. Pamela Peeke, MD, an assistant clinical professor of medicine who works at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, says that it is also the best way to prevent the natural “age-related metabolic drop.”

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