8 Tips To Make It Through Work Without Caffeine

No one likes to admit this, but staying awake at work or in the middle of a class can be challenging, especially when you are bored, exhausted, or running on little sleep. It can be tempting to head to the break room for an energy drink, chocolate, or cup of coffee. However, before you reach for these foods, here are some ways to stay awake at work without the caffeine.

  1. Turn Up The Light: So many offices are too dark for proper work production. Add more lights to your office or open up some blinds (if they are available). If you don’t have access to a lot of light, find a way to spend your lunch hour outside soaking up vitamin D.
  2. Try Eye Exercises: You need to give your eyes a little stimulation rather than just staring at a screen all day. Try focusing on another object, rolling them, and shifting them from side to side. You may even want to give them a rest by shutting your eyes while you massage your temples.
  3. Try Some People Watching: Look around you and take in what you see. Sometimes when we are too focused on one task, our brains shut down. What are people talking about and doing around you. Take a few moments to disconnect from your work so that you can wake your brain up.
  4. Talk A Little: Sometimes we just need to engage in a conversation to perk up our brains. Try sharing a funny story with a co-worker, talking with your boss about a new idea, or even calling your family during your lunch break.
  5. Upbeat Music Helps: Sometimes a little upbeat music can help. If your job allows it, spend a few minutes listening to a type of music that keeps you pumping. You may have to enjoy your music session on a break, but even a ten-minute break of music can lift your moods.
  6. Smell It Up: There are several different essential oils that can help your sleepiness. Peppermint is a great one to boost your energy, while rosemary helps you build awareness. Cedarwood can activate your mind, and cinnamon helps improve your attention and reaction time. Citrus fruits also help awaken you, so always have an orange on hand for a quick pick me up. Don’t downplay the power of smells, and use these essential oils for your advantage.
  7. Water Will Help: If you are really feeling like you need a cup of coffee, spend some time drinking cold water first. Sometimes dehydration can make it seem like we need some Joe.
  8. Pack an Energizing Snack: Sometimes we feel tired in the middle of the afternoon because our blood sugar has dropped. To solve this problem, have an energizing snack. A handful of almonds, baby carrots, or Greek yogurt are the perfect snacks to give your blood sugar a little boost. Avoid carb-laden snacks, such as doughnuts, bagels, and muffins, since these are full of carbs and sugar and are too harsh on your blood sugar.

It can be tempting to rely on caffeine for your afternoon pick-me-up. The main problem that comes with relying on caffeine is that you may be missing your body’s cues for another need, such as water. The excess caffeine later in the day can also affect your sleep, which will only make you more tired the next afternoon.


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