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The advent of the massive startup and technology community in the United States is helping to make significant strides in the healthcare industry. With a massive amount of resources, expertise from healthcare professionals, the merging of technology with formally manual-completed process, and so much more, we are seeing the healthcare space changing for the better each and every day. From health and fitness wearables to robotic limbs for paraplegics, more and more innovations are happening every day.

Most of this technological integration of healthcare is occurring on the West Coast. Silicon Valley has developed into a technology powerhouse with companies like Facebook and Google getting their starts out West. However at this point in time, Silicon Valley is by no means a technology hotbed for social media companies alone. The influence of Silicon Valley has spread up and down the West Coast to the point where the Puget Sound in Washington has become a source of technological innovation. Healthcare is a big part of this innovation.

Seattle biotechnology company Arivale is on the brink of taking health and wellness to a whole new level. Arivale is taking on wellness from a newer, more in-depth perspective by using genetics. This is not just simply genetic testing to determine predisposition for certain conditions, however.

With their genetic testing, Arivale is able to collect samples and conduct analysis on the overall genome, the blood, the saliva, the urine, and the lifestyle of the individuals using their application. This offers way more insight into an individuals genetic composition and with access to this information, a health coach can surely steer individuals in the right way. The main goal is to condense wellness into its simplest form and help individuals seek the help that they need with scientific insight and an understanding of what their bodies are likely to do over time.

Arivale is one of many companies that are making a name for themselves in the Puget Sound region of Seattle’s health and wellness professional community. Many other companies are striving for ways to improve the health and wellness landscape in this country. With genetic testing and in-depth biological analysis, Arivale is surely on its way. Genetic testing is becoming more and more popular as people desire to become fully aware of their health histories as it can factor in heavily when dealing with illness or deciding to have a baby.

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