Avoid These Poor Posture Habits

Pale woman with bad postureBad posture can happen where we least expect it, such as in the kitchen or in the car. As you may already have experienced, several days of bad posture can leave your back feeling tight and sore. Here are some quick tips on how to avoid poor posture in areas you never expected.

  1. The Kitchen: When people talk about having proper posture, the kitchen is usually not brought up. Why? It is just simply not thought about. However, depending on the counter height, you could be hunching over to chop your vegetables or reaching to clean your counters. Counters that are too high or too low will cause you to have bad posture and put you at a greater risk for injury. If your counters are too high, try using a stool to allow your elbows to be closer to the countertop. If the counter is too low, try stacking cutting boards for when you cut.
  2. While Wrapping Gifts: Most of us don’t spend a lot of time wrapping gifts, except during the holidays. However, when we do wrap gifts, we tend to plop ourselves on the floor and bend over the present we are wrapping. For better posture, sit at a table to wrap and keep your stomach muscles pulled in tight.
  3. While Traveling: No matter how you are traveling, whether it be plane, train, or car, the common way to sit is one that is comfortable to you. While your position may seem comfortable at the time, it could cause you a lot of back pain once you arrive at your destination. To avoid unnecessary pain, keep your feet flat on the floor with your shoulders resting gently on the seat. Use a neck pillow to avoid kinking your neck if you fall asleep.
  4. While Talking on the Phone: Another common poor posture habit of many is to cradle the phone between their ear and shoulder. This can definitely affect the neck and shoulder muscles for the worse. Instead, use a hands-free device or put your phone on speaker if you are on hold.
  5. While At a Party: You may not have realized that you have poor posture at a party, but most women who dress up do. This is because many women will don a pair of high heels and a tight dress to a party. While they may look nice, they are making it impossible to keep good posture. Instead, pick a comfortable fitting dress and a pair of shoes that have a heel lower than two inches.

Bad posture can happen in the least expected places. Be on the look out for poor posture to avoid back pain later down the road.  Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.


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