Cheat On Your Diet & Still Lose Weight

The moment everyone who has ever been on a diet has been waiting for has now finally come. Cheating on your diet is now allowed and encouraged in order to properly lose weight. In fact, the name of this new revolutionary diet that is taking the nation by storm (not surprisingly) is called the Cheat System Diet.


Created by Jackie Wicks, the Cheat System is a simple to follow diet, that aims to make weight loss easier and less frustrating than in other diets. With only a handful of guidelines to adhere to, the focus is on losing weight in a healthy manner, but at the time and pace that is right for you, as everyone will be able to and want to lose weight differently. The main objective within the weight loss itself is to help guide you towards a way of eating that will make it easier to lose weight, give you more energy and help you feel better.

The Cheat System Diet is based on a simple list that divides foods into two categories: Cheats and Eats. Cheats are the foods that are the most commonly craved, snacked upon and eaten when not supposed to on any regular diet. Eats are nutrient-dense foods, and can be eaten as much as the participant desires. As far as the Cheats go, there are a certain number of them that are allowed per day. The more healthier the choices made within the diet, the more the allowance for Cheats goes up.

As far as exercise incorporated into the diet, it is all dependent on the pace at which the weight loss is wanted. Anything from moderate to high amounts of exercise are allowed, all within the spectrum of the diet and the Cheats and Eats. There’s no counting calories, fats, sugars, or anything of the kind.

With three weeks of comprehensive meal plans, an easy-to-follow exercise schedule, and more than 100 delicious recipes, The Cheat System Diet will not only help you lose weight, but it will also educate you on how to do it in the right way.

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