Chiropractic Myths and Facts

A balance.Chiropractic care has been the basis for many myths, untruths and outright lies over its history. From false claims that chiropractors are not “real” doctors, to bizarre statements that chiropractic care grinds bones together or causes paralysis; there have been many odd and unfair claims about this safe and natural healthcare treatment over the years. Here are a few of the most common chiropractic myths that are still floating around out there and the real facts behind these rumors.

Myth: Chiropractic care is dangerous.

Fact: Studies have found that chiropractic care is safer than many other more “traditional” forms of treatment. Most of this safety stems from the fact that doctors of chiropractic believe that drugs and surgery should only be used as a last resort to heal the body.

Myth: Once you go to the chiropractor’s office, you have to go forever.

Fact: Many people only visit a chiropractor for a fixed amount of time and once their condition improves, they elect to discontinue treatment. Others decide to continue receiving treatment indefinitely because of the benefits they receive. Routine chiropractic care is part of a healthy lifestyle that many people choose to continue receiving periodically. The choice to continue treatment is always the patient’s.

Myth: You have to choose between a medical doctor and a chiropractor.

Fact: While medical doctors were once opposed to chiropractors, this has changed over time. Nowadays, medical doctors and chiropractors frequently work together to complement each other. There’s absolutely no reason for a patient to feel as if they have to follow only one method of healthcare treatment to live by. Alternative and mainstream medicine both have their function in a healthy lifestyle.

Myth: You can crack your back instead of going to the chiropractor’s office.  

Fact: Many people confuse “popping” or “cracking” their back with a chiropractic adjustment. These two things are the same in only the basic idea. You cannot hand paint and canvas to a toddler and expect him or her to create a masterpiece. That takes expertise, training and an intimate knowledge of the act. While popping your own neck or back may relieve some of the tension you feel for a short period of time, chiropractic care is the art and science of actually correcting the proper placement of the spine and requires the training and expertise of a doctor of chiropractic.

There are many myths and miscommunications about chiropractic care. If you have further questions about this safe and natural treatment, contact your chiropractic team. They can explain exactly how hands-on care works to improve your health. Don’t believe the rumors; make an appointment today with your chiropractor to find out for yourself whether or not chiropractic care is right for you.


Always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician for all your health related advice.

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