Could This Fruit Be The Key To A Longer Life?

figFigs are often thought of as a fruit, simply because they have a tasty juice and seeds inside, just as many other run-of-the-mill fruits do. However, the fig itself is actually fooling the world, and only the seeds alone are considered fruit. Either way, figs are jam-packed with nutrients and vitamins that add to your healthy eating habits.

Some even argue that figs should be held in a higher regard than even the orange, banana or apple, simply because they are so rich in dietary fiber, vitamin B6, and minerals such as potassium, copper, and manganese.

In fact, on the island of Ikaria, which has been dubbed “the island where people forget to die”, figs are thought to contribute to the fact that the average lifespan is well into the 80’s. So, there is a little method to the madness for those that claim that figs are so special.

There are roughly eight grams of fiber in just half a serving of figs, and this condensed amount can help you to lower your chances of developing a chronic illness, mainly heart disease or diabetes. With the unique ability of containing both soluble and insoluble fiber, figs help to slow down the rate of digestion, as well as regulate blood sugars in the body. The insoluble fiber improves the function of the bowels and helps with regularity.

With more calcium than most fruits, figs are also top of the class when it comes to bone health and growth; the red-hued fruit reduces your risk of the onset of osteoporosis. Just one single serving of dried figs accounts for almost fifteen percent of your daily intake of calcium.

As far as potassium needs go, figs do their work in helping the body to naturally lower blood pressure. Potassium helps maintain a healthy equilibrium of necessary fluids in the muscles and cells.

A one cup serving of dried figs contains about three mg of Iron, which is vital to the oxygenation of blood throughout the body. Iron is needed to keep the cells in the body healthy and intact, and fortify them so that they can fight off infection and free radicals.

So, the next time you reach for a banana or an apple, you may want to keep browsing and throw some figs into your basket, as they will do what no other fruit (or plant) can at keeping you healthy and happy for longer. 


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