Fighting Back Pain: A List of Do’s and Don’ts

Back pain is one of those frustrating ailments that hits almost every person at one time or another. Not only is it incredibly painful, but it often comes out of nowhere and finding a cure is a tough feat. If you need a push in the right direction, check out these basic dos and don’ts of fighting off back pain and protecting your spinal health for good.

The Don’t List

  • Don’t Ignore Exercise – It’s tempting to forego your exercise routine in lieu of a night lounging on the couch. If you really care about the health of your spine, don’t do this. Make exercise a habit in order to keep the flexibility and strength in your back.

  • Don’t Overeat – Excess weight is bad for the body in so many different ways. For the spine, it adds pressure where it is not needed. It also forces parts of the body to overcompensate leading to an increase in both pain and injury.

  • Don’t Slouch – Poor posture is bad for more than appearances. It also leads to poor health in the spine. If you practice poor posture long term, it can lead to severe pain and physical problems that will eventually need attention.

The Do List

  • Do Stretch Every Day – Stretching is one of the best ways to improve your body’s range of motion and general comfort level. When your muscles are tight, it further contributes to pulling on the bones and joints. Stretch every morning or every night and before and after every workout to maximize the results.

  • Do Work on Your Posture – Poor posture has already been mentioned, but you need to put some real thought into how to improve it. Try putting a time limit on your technology use, performing posture specific exercise movements, and buying supportive chairs and devices that are designed for a better stance.

  • Do Get Chiropractic Care – This form of healthcare is one of the best prevention techniques for keeping the spine healthy. Chiropractors may be able to keep the spine aligned which leads to better health, more comfort, and greater function of the spine and central nervous system.

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