Gardening Linked to Longevity and Better Health

Gardener by Day

Do you enjoy gardening? Gardening seems to have become a lost hobby and passion in today’s time, but there are still several older individuals that enjoy it. Now research shows why even more people should take up gardening. Gardening has been found to increase longevity in individuals over 60.

As individuals age, it is only natural for them to slow down in their activities in exercise. However, so many older individuals will adapt a sedentary lifestyle, which in result is harmful to their health.

One study focused on older individuals who did light activities. These activities fell in between the two categories of sedentary and full-on exercise. Activities such as tinkering with cars, gardening, home repairs, and hunting proved to be just the right amount of activity and exercise for older individuals.

The study found that being just a little active each day was a real heart saver.  Those that were somewhat active each day had a lower risk for a heart attack. In fact, the twelve-year study showed that staying mildly active also decreased their stroke risk, as well as death by other causes risk by 30 percent.

One doctor said that even though this study focused on individuals over 60, it is a good lesson for everyone. It can be perilous to your health to sit for a long period of time. That is why it is so important to take time each day to move a little. You don’t even have to join a gym or workout hardcore to enjoy the longevity benefits. Instead, do activities that get you moving and sweating a little bit, such as gardening, cleaning, or even crafting. There are so many activities that will get you moving, but the hard part is getting off the couch or out of your office chair and doing them.


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