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walk for wellness

Health and wellness can be achieved in a variety of different methods. Sometimes all it takes is a little reading on the Internet to learn of new dietary benefits or exercise behaviors that could be beneficial. Other times, it could be a community health and wellness event that spurs behavior modification and encourages community members to be mindful of their health. Recently in Oklahoma, a little push from the state’s governor has helped bring health and wellness to the forefront of the community’s mind.

Governor Mary Fallin decided to take action to improve the health status of her state’s population and lead a group of individuals, on a long walk called “The Governor’s Walk For Wellness”, as a way to spread awareness throughout the state. Additionally, the state’s health commissioner Terry Cline led a group on a walk that spanned a mile and a half, from the Oklahoma’s state health department to the Capitol building.

In the most recent standings, Oklahoma ranks 46th out of 50 in terms of overall health status and public health measurements. This is a stark reality for state officials, including Governor Mary Fallin. She is urging citizens of Oklahoma to take action regarding their health status and realize that they are not confined to poor health outcomes. Every individual has the ability to take their health into their own hands and understand what needs to be changed to bring about better health outcomes.

Govenor Fallin cites alcohol abuse, smoking, lack of physical activity, lack of access and coverage for immunizations, and lack of primary care facilities as main contributors to this poor health status. While these are common problems that are seen nationwide, and that have afflicted different areas of the country for years on end, Oklahoma has particularly struggled to make any sort of improvements.

Governor Fallin will be working to improve health policy and bring about new initiatives that can alter the mindset of Oklahomans. Before long, she expects to see significant turnaround in the health outcomes of the population.

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