Great Moves To Help You Leave Those Love Handles Behind

The midsection and the buttocks are the most worried about and the most worked on areas for many people when they hit the gym. We as a society have even coined a number of very well known phrases that designates these areas in a negative way. Muffin top, love handles, spare tire, the list could go on and on. abs

The depiction of fitness is shown to us through rick hard abs, small hips, flat belly’s and a nice tight behind. These things are all great, and having them does suggest good health and fitness, but they shouldn’t be the gold standard for health as a whole. Obtaining these results takes hard work, and setting the bar too high can often lead to results that differ greatly.

Love handles tend to be a big issue for so may people, as they’re often the hardest place to lose weight. Love handles are simply excess abdominal fat that present themselves on the hips and stomach. With so many options and exercises around it’s hard to know what wors to help you tone them and get into better shape. These simple exercises really work, and target this area as best as possible.

Russian Twists
aimed to specifically target the obliques, transverse abdominus, rectus abdominus, and multifidus. done with or without weight, depending on core strength and preference. The exercise is done by sitting on the glutes with the feet raised up, then twist side to side.

Never anyone’s favorite, but oh so effective. This exercise targets the triceps, shoulders, upper back, abdominal and legs. Therefore, this is considered a full-body exercise and can be very beneficial to tone up all over. A burpee is done by switching from a standing potion to a pushup position, completing one push up and then bringing the knees as close to the chest in that position as possible, and jumping back up to a standing position.

Plank Stability on Exercise Ball
The stability ball really helps you to engage the core and can add an extra challenge and difficulty to an already difficult exercise. Planking on the ball with your hands stabilizing the body forces to you use all of the muscles in the midsection for proper balance.


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