Guard Your Gut: Eat These Bloat Free Foods

The process is always the same; when we eat, everything we put into our mouths has to go through a certain chain of command, a specific order of events, and depending on how and when this is done, the results can differ drastically. Different foods have different effects on the body, and even this varies form person to person. All stomachs are not made alike, some are more sensitive than others and sometimes those sensitive stomachs react to foods that are ingested by bloating.


Bloating is caused by an over expansion of the stomach, and sometimes done as a reaction to foods that the body may be allergic to or that it is unable to fully process as well as others. Either way, knowing which foods can help to alleviate this is helpful to know. So here are some of the most popular bloat free foods that are healthy and should be eaten as often as possible.

There’s a reason that these are used in spa’s for facial treatments. Cucumbers naturally reduce redness, puffiness and can decrease swelling in many areas of the body, the stomach is one of them. This is because, the vegetable contains quercetin, a flavonoid antioxidant that helps reduce swelling.

Fruit & Nuts
Foods rich in potassium, particularly fruits such as bananas, as well as avocados, kiwis, oranges, and pistachios help to prevent water retention by regulating sodium levels in the body. Due to the fact that salt is a well known kick starter for bloating for the stomach, eating these things helps fight off bloating. Bananas also have soluble fiber, which can relieve or prevent constipation.

Asparagus naturally helps you flush any and all excess water from the body. Obviously doing so will lessen the chances of bloating, as water retention is the primary cause for the ailment in the first place. Asparagus also contains soluble and insoluble fibers, which helps promote overall digestive health.

A natural anti-inflammatory and known digestive aid, it is responsible for relaxing the muscles of the digestive tract, which can relieve bloating. It also contains an enzyme that absorbs proteins, thus reducing protein-induced puffiness and gas.

Having good bacteria in the gut can help you to maintain a natural and healthy balance within the body. Probiotics help regulate digestion and determine the overall health of your digestive tract. Many of the yogurts sold in the local grocery store are a great source of probiotics as they have active cultures in them.


Consult your primary care physician or chiropractor for any medical related advice.

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