How Alcohol Intake Can Influence Weight Loss Efforts



In our efforts to lose weight, there are numerous helping hands and hindrances that we need to be careful of. In our exercise efforts, we need to make sure that we are getting the right amount of exercise, but not overwhelming and overworking our bodies to the point where injuries arise. When we are trying to improve our sleeping habits, which are directly tied in to our weight loss efforts, we need to make sure that we are doing whatever we can to get our eight hours in consistently, but that we are not oversleeping with supplements and medications that we take to help us stay asleep.

The same balance in our weight loss efforts goes for our diets. One aspect of our diet that can be both a helping hand and a hindrance is our alcohol consumption. We have always heard that alcohol is extremely bad for so many different aspects of our health and wellness, and if we are trying to lose weight, the amount of calories in alcohol makes it a dietary component that can be crossed off the list. Beer, wine, and liquor are all high in calories and when we become under the influence, the tendency to eat unhealthy food and fall out of our dietary restrictions is much greater.

However, there is a growing body of research that is showing that regular alcohol consumption may not be as terrible as it was previously thought to be. Studies have shown that alcohol has been linked to diabetes prevention, blood pressure regulation, and many other health outcomes that bode well for our overall weight loss. However, the research points to red wine as the main source of these benefits – not all alcoholic drinks have this effect.

The main determinant of whether or not people are able to successfully incorporate alcohol into their diet to promote health, wellness, and weight loss is the ability to strike a balance and practice moderation. Alcohol can be quite dangerous and can lead to seriously dangerous health outcomes if we are not careful. However with the right strategies and a focus on moderation, we may be able to have a beer every now and then without feeling guilty.

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