How Naps May Aid Your Body


nappingSleep is often a luxury that many people today do not take time to enjoy. Other things are often deemed to be more important. Instead of helping them to be the success they want, though, it may actually be working against them.

Taking short naps can actually be more beneficial than going without, because it may improve your ability to remember better. When the nap is limited to less than half an hour, it has the best effect on your memory. When tested against those who did not take a nap, the nappers fared much better. In a test, they were able to recall several word pairings much better than those who simply spent the next 30 minutes watching a DVD.

Sleep has been shown to be extremely important when learning is necessary. This includes having sufficient sleep beforehand, as well as afterwards. People without enough sleep have trouble being able to focus, which by itself can cause learning problems.

The exact way that sleep helps memory is so far unknown, but there is no doubt that it makes a real difference. Recall is much improved when you get the right amount of sleep. Besides recall, a lack of sleep can also affect your reflexes, your fine motor skills, and even your judgment. It can make you think you are right, but are really wrong, because your judgment is impaired. Performance is better in many ways with sufficient sleep, including your work at the office or shop, in sports, or on tests.

Besides the ability to learn and recall information better, there is several health benefits associated with regularly getting enough shuteye. This includes reducing your risk of obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. It also will help you stay alert and awake while driving and when making important decisions. Developing a quality sleep time and getting enough each night is important. Cellphones and computers should not be used in bed, but taking time to relax before bedtime can help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.

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