How NASCAR is Making Strides to Promote Wellness



A majority of the fan base and population, that comprises the market of NASCAR, resides in the region of the United States known as “The South.” The culture that surrounds NASCAR usually involves some level of binge drinking, barbecues involving fatty meats, and long periods of time spent sitting in the bleachers.

In addition to an affinity for NASCAR, this region of the country is also associated with some of the more serious health conditions, a high prevalence of obesity, significant danger with respect to the development of chronic conditions, and a high burden placed on the United States healthcare system. Nevertheless, these states continue to show their pride for the sport at every chance that is presented.

Within the NASCAR community, aside from its fans, employees are given the opportunity to improve their health and wellness, and are afforded a work environment that focuses on wellness promotion. Recently, the NASCAR Corporation was designated as a Platinum Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association. Additionally, NASCAR was presented with the Worksite Innovation Award, which is given to companies that incorporate wellness initiatives into their framework and encourage their employees to increase physical activity levels.

Those who work in the corporate environment at NASCAR, point to the athletes that actually participate in the sport as role models for wellness promotion. NASCAR employees see how these athletes take care of their bodies and their minds equally. These athletes are looked to as leaders within the NASCAR community, and many of the employees in the corporate arm of NASCAR treat them as such.

One thing to consider regarding the corporate arm of NASCAR is that many of these employees are traveling just as much, if not more than NASCAR athletes. This presents a significant challenge to NASCAR executives in developing a framework for wellness promotion, but it does not stop them from putting forward effort in this discipline. If other companies can take cues from NASCAR in terms of employee wellness promotion, we can expect a vast change spreading throughout the working population in the United States.

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