How the Practice of Chiropractic Care Has Taken a Giant Leap Forward

The United States is known to many as a melting pot, the land of opportunity, where anything is possible for absolutely anyone. The very principles that this country was founded on are ever present in much of our society today. However, as true as this is, discrimination is still very present in many areas of our nation.'MERICA

Being discriminated against in any way contradicts everything that the founding fathers of this nation stood for, yet it happens daily. Millions of people in the United States alone, live with disabilities, and many of these people are contributing to society and their communities in ways that many people without disabilities couldn’t even begin to imagine. So, when Aaron Cannon was discriminated against because of his blindness, he took action.

Cannon, a student at Palmer College in Iowa was denied entry into the chiropractic program in 2004, due to his blindness. It was stated that his vision would impair him from properly examining x-rays. Contending that his exclusion from the program violated the Americans with Disabilities Act, Cannon appealed the decision which was then ruled in his favor.

Cannon was then outfitted with a sight reader to help him with any necessary tasks pertaining to his training. This decision is so monumental not only for the blind, but for chiropractic care as a form of medicine. The National Federation of the Blind, which filed an amicus brief on Cannon’s behalf, called the case a “landmark ruling.”

This case just goes to show that if chiropractic care is your passion, then nothing should stand in the way of you achieving your goals. Granted, Cannon’s route to becoming a doctor of chiropractic is going to be paved with more obstacles to overcome, but with the proper training and the right tools around him, he will get there.

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