Is Laughter The Natural Key To Maintaining Your Blood Pressure ?

If you’re overly concerned about lowering your blood pressure, as many Americans are, the go-to strategy to keeping your levels in a healthy range, often revolves around adopting a healthier diet or regimen of medication to help you along the way.


What may seem out of the ordinary as far as lowering blood pressure, is laughing or listening to music. However, these unorthodox methods are actually scientifically proven to help reduce blood pressure in those that suffer from higher than normal levels.

With more and more people opting for a more holistic, natural and non-invasive approach to their healthcare, prescription pills are slowly being phased out. Many of these alternative strategies to fixing this all too common health issue, are starting to generate a lot of attention, and for good reason.

But in a world where everything you read online seems a little ridiculous, it’s hard to know what really works, and what doesn’t. Finding the strategies that have actual research to back them up can be like finding a needle in a haystack at times. Take a look at three of the more popular of the alternative medicine routes for tackling blood pressure.


Laughter helps stabilize the body by automatically reducing the amount of stress hormone (cortisol) that is released and increasing the amount of dopamine the brain absorbs. High blood pressure is typically caused by stress; therefore, with laughter and little to no stress, blood pressure can remain at a normal level for longer.

Vitamin D

One of the more controversial and trickier of the natural remedies to grasp, soaking up the sun has been seen to work in a handful of patients with low blood pressure. The verdict is still out on this one, but vitamin D has a number of health boosting qualities, meaning that it’s not out of the question to believe that it can help to calm the body and level off blood pressure.


Music has been used as a form of medicine for centuries, so seeing this on the list shouldn’t come as a shock. With its calming and soothing effects, music helps to relax and mellow out the body, and in doing so, blood pressure can normalize.

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