It’s Time To Put The Smartphone Down For Good. Here’s Why…

phoneSpending down time, and enjoying a leisurely activity at home, looks much different today, than it did even two decades ago. With the creation of the smartphone, tablet, home computer and the smartphone, relaxing at home now does not consist of reading a book, drawing or painting an ice picture, or even doing absolutely nothing. We are so consumed by technology that even our down time means we’re texting, updating, checking, posting and anything else those small hand held devices allow us to do.

It’s true that the smartphone has redefined many things in our lives, and it seems that now, more than ever, we are attached to them, at the hip (literally). Sadly, as great as this nonstop path to some form of entertainment and mental content is, it does come at a number of different and dangerous costs to your health and well-being.

Unplugging from technology has never bee more vital than it is in our society today. With so many known health risks that come with things like smartphones and laptops, the more they become accessible to everyone in every capacity, the more precautions that need to be taken to protect individual health.

Sleep Disruption

Everyone has their night time routine. One of the last things that we all do is plug our phone in, charge it up ready for the full day ahead. In fact, the large majority of the population has now done away with traditional alarm clocks and in their place are phones with a variety of ways to wake us up in the morning.

However, just by leaving your phone switched on next to the bed, you run the risk of being alerted, awoken and your sleep disrupted by the plethora of vibrations, dings, pings and anything else that your phone decides to throw your way during the night.

Interrupted sleep is sometimes even seen as worse than getting no sleep at all. This is because constant disruptions in sleep and circadian rhythms means that the body cannot properly rejuvenate, and recharge, and when that ‘s the case, the entire body and the immune system are put in jeopardy. Poor sleep means poor health, and poor health means the susceptibility to a number of ailments.

Added Stress

As much as we use them for gaming, and doing things other than actually talking on them, our phones aren’t meant to be used as toys or games. Although, according to recent research, more and more people are actually spending time on their phones playing games than actually talking; and now it is known that high cellphone usage is associated with the newest coined phrase and term, “leisure distress,” which is in reference to feeling stressed during times of leisure, due to the way in which the time is spent.

So in essence, the games being played to help you unwind are actually causing you more stress, which puts tension on the heart, brain and can lead to serious health implications. The irony should not be lost on you here as the phone, should almost be renamed as the texting, game console instead.

If there was ever a time to put the technology down, connect with those around you face to face, and enhance your health through healthy activities, it’s now. Enjoy the holiday season with some healthy routines and take your face out of a screen and into a book or into nature outside.




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