Keeping Your Kids Mentally Healthy: Child-Friendly Tips

It seems as though the youth of today are stressed more than ever. Though they may have less responsibility than past generations, they have a completely different kind of pressure. For example, youths today are bombarded with perfect images online, extreme social pressure, and other expectations that keep them on edge. Perhaps these types of pressures, along with many other causes, are the reason that today’s youth has also seen a significant rise in mental health issues.

Luckily, as adults and parents and concerned loved ones, there are steps we can take to help the youth of today through their problems. If you have teens or children in your life that you’d like to help steer through the tough world of mental health problems, check out these simple tips.

Get Your Kids Involved

Have you ever heard that idle hands are the devil’s playground? Idle minds are even worse. Kids need to be involved. They need to be engaged and learn something every day. Otherwise, they run the risk of boredom, depression, and long-term anxiety. Push your kids to get involved in an activity. Sports, scouts, or even a volunteer program can help your children learn valuable life lessons and give them purpose, which can help ward off those feelings of worthlessness or self doubt.

Praise Your Kids, But Criticize As Well

Praise is an important part of growing up. Kids need to hear their strengths. They need to know that they are loved and cared for and appreciated. But, they also need to know that they’re not perfect … just like everyone else. Praise your kids thoroughly, but be realistic with them as well. Let them know when they behave unacceptably. Don’t berate them, but encourage them to be better people. This will help build their self esteem, and also keep them grounded for real life.

Open Up the Dialogue

Talk to your kids. Not at your kids … but TO your kids. Ask them about their day, their friends, and even their thoughts on life. They may surprise you with their young perspective and even wisdom. This will also open up opportunities for you to guide them through their personal problems, and to avoid some of the traps that come with the growing up process. These traps are notorious for lowering self worth, and by learning to maneuver through the tougher times, they will learn how to handle life without falling apart.

Your children’s mental health will flourish when it is made to be a priority. With your help, they may be able to learn coping mechanisms and be given instruction on how to handle life and all its ups and downs. Just a little attention now may make a big difference in the lives of your kids and their future.

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