Knowing When To Change Your Bed Sheets & Why


Unless you’re Martha Stewart and actually like changing your sheets every single day (yes, she really does this), you probably do it when you start to notice that they don’t feel or smell that great. Everyone has their methods and their philosophies on washing the sheets, how to do it and when. This being said, there is actually a right way and a wrong way to do it, and the chances are you’re doing it all wrong.

Because we do everything from sweat to shed skin when we sleep, it’s important that sheets get changed in a semi frequent fashion. Sleeping in the same sheets night after night can lead to illness, as bacteria begins to build up in the sheets. So even though they smell laundry fresh weeks later, what’s lying within the fabric is far from it.

As much as one-fifth of an ounce of skin residue can accumulate on sheets in just one week. Now let it sink in that recent studies show that 37 percent of people change their sheets once a week, while a staggering 29 percent of recent poll takers change their sheets once a month, a whopping 34 percent change them after going more than a month!

Along with all of the things that the body repels whilst we are sleeping, even the cleanest of beds has everything from dust mites, to pet dander hidden deep inside. Rolling around in all of this is just not good for overall health.

Washing sheets and pillow cases at a hot temperature, better eradicates all of the oil, dead skin and other bodily fluids that may have been built up on them. Washing the pillow cases is especially important for keeping dirt and oils off the face that may result in acne or blemishes.

If you’re still not entirely sure on when to wash the sheets, refer to this quick chart for reference:

Once a Week: Ideal & recommended
Once Every Two Weeks: Totally Acceptable & normal
Once a Month: Eh, its ok depending on how frequent the bed is used and how clean you are
Once Every Six Weeks (Or more): Dicey & highly unhealthy


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