Moms, Try These Tips to Prevent Back Pain

Benjamin and Melissa 2Being a mom is one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs out there. Unfortunately taking care of infants and children is not only exhausting, but it can easily wear on the body. Constantly picking up your child and having poor posture is the main reason why you may be suffering from back pain and sciatica pain. Try these tips to keep pain away while still being the great mom that you are.

Stay Close to the Stroller: If you regularly use the stroller, you may not be pushing it in the best way possible for your body. When you push the stroller, keep your body as close to the stroller as possible. Keep your back straight and shoulders back, rather than slumping or leaning over the stroller while you push it.

Better Child Carrier: Most parents wind up carrying their infants or toddlers for several hours a day, even if they didn’t plan on it. Carrying a child on one side of your body can definitely cause hip and back pain. Instead, consider a child carrier that allows your child to sit comfortably and allows their weight to be centered to your body. If you choose to not use a child carrier, try to carry your baby in the center of your body, using both arms. This will put less stress on the back and hips.

Better Child Lifting: When you lift your child from the floor or lift them to put them in their crib, take extra precaution. You want to keep your child close to your body and keep your back straight. This may seem like robotic movements, since you may be used to rounding your back. You also want to keep your abdominal muscles pulled in tight when you lift your child up or place him down. You want to keep the same thing in mind when picking up toys, making sure to bend at the waist.

Better Reading and Feeding Times: Whether you are bottle feeding or nursing your baby or reading to your older toddler, pick a chair that is firm with good back support. Don’t bend your head towards your child because this can cause neck pain and shoulder pain later.

While these tips are geared towards moms, they can really help any individual looking after babies or children. Keep these tips in mind so that you can enjoy your child without the back pain. Remember to also strengthen your core and leg muscles to help you support holding and lifting your baby or child.


Remember to always consult a chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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