Natural Cures for Common Ailments

There’s nothing like finding a fix with resources that are laying around the house that are natural, if not already paid for.

Before you open your medicine cabinet or head to the pharmacy, try these tips to cure common ailments naturally. 

Throat Coat 

 Whether it’s a sore throat, bad breath, or just a tickle, gargling ginger mixed with hot water can do the trick. Press six ginger cloves and mix with warm water to sooth inflamed tissue. 

Cough Suppressant 

Recent research found that theobromine, found in dark chocolate, is highly effective in supressing coughs. In fact, theobromine is more effective than codeine and doesn’t have the harmful side effects. Scientists suggest one to two squares for relief. 

Scar Eliminator 

Want to cure your acne but constantly reminded of its presence due to those remaining scars? No problem. Applying olive oil (to all scars, not only acne scars) can help reduce the redness of scars in just a few weeks. If that’s not enough, mixing water and baking soda together to make a white paste can also help reduce appearance of scars if applied twice daily for 15 minutes and rinsed with warm water.

Bloating Buster 

Reduce bloating by enjoying cinnamon and ginger mixed together in warm water. Not only is this little treat delicious, it also improves and stimulates your digestive system. In addition, you could try incorporating spices like dill and fennel into your daily dishes to help avoid bloating after meals. 

Burn Neutralizer 

Burn your hand on a hot pan or on your curling iron? Fast, get some honey and place a band-aid over the affected area. If your burn keeps burning, apply some yogurt to relieve discomfort. Stay outside in the hot sun for far too long? Aloe vera is here! Aloe vera soothes skin, promotes healing and reduces redness.  

Body Oder Extinguisher  

Embarrassed by your constant body oder? Don’t worry, there are a few things you can apply under your armpits to rid the smell. These include baking soda, apple cider vinegar, and talcum powder. In extreme cases, adding a daily shot of wheatgrass to your diet can also help reduce oder.  

Cold Sore Scorcher 

Get rid of that big, red cold sore on your lip or inside your mouth by pressing a warm tea bag on the effected area for a few minutes every hour. In between the tea bag, apply ice or cold milk to the area to reduce swelling. For quick care, cut up a raw onion and press the pieces directly on the cold sore. For care on the go, invest in some peppermint oil and apply directly on the cold sore up to four times a day. 

Congestion Kicker 

Chest congestion? It’s that time of year again. Gargle some warm water and a pinch of salt right when you wake up in the morning to break up the mucous in your chest. For more intense congestion, boil a large pot of water and breath over the steam for at least five minutes. To loosen up the chest during the day, enjoy some herbal tea and apply essential oils to your chest. 

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