Not Just a Pretty Flower, Are You Aware of the Heath Benefits of Dandelions ?



Unconventional sources of nutrition can help us improve our health and wellness that we may never have thought imaginable. We may know that certain foods are more prone to help with certain health outcomes, but there may be sources of nutrition that go above and beyond our current knowledge of health and wellness, to the point where we are completely overhauling our dietary repertoire.

So what are these foods that we may never even have heard of that can also improve our health and wellness drastically? Some of them may be from tropical environments that are far away from where we live, while others may be in our backyard! Dandelions are a great example of the latter.

Dandelions are flowers that we commonly find scattered throughout an open field. Many view dandelions as pesky annoyances, being that they are weeds and may detract from the appearance of their property. However when incorporated into our diets, dandelions have the ability to bring us so many different health benefits.

Firstly, dandelions are loaded with calcium, which is a mineral that we have trouble getting enough of in our diets. Calcium helps strengthen our bones and ensure that we are protected from bone fractures and any other musculoskeletal problems that may come about.

Dandelions can also be extremely helpful for individuals with diabetes. When juice is extracted from the dandelion, it can be used to stimulate the production of insulin in the pancreas. This makes blood sugar regulation much more feasible, and diabetic individuals do not have to worry about their blood sugar levels getting out of control as the body is naturally producing insulin.

When sap is extracted from the dandelion, referred to as dandelion milk, it can be extremely useful in treating bacterial and fungal infections. It is able to help regulate pH in our skin and provide our immune system the best possible setting to take care of skin infections.

Dandelion products can be accessed at many health foods stores and even in some markets such as Whole Foods. These are just some of the benefits that dandelions can bring us but with more research, we can hope to find even more ways in which this unconventional dietary addition can help us improve health and wellness.

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