Simple Steps To Healthy Post-Holiday Eating

foodI’ll be the first to admit that over Thanksgiving, I ate far more than I swore I would. I made myself a promise (much like I do every year) that this would be the year that I’d stay on the straight and narrow, that I wouldn’t succumb to the wide array of delicious foods at the table this year, and my healthy eating habits would win out. As you can imagine, I didn’t succeed, and I’m not the only one that falters during the holiday season, as it is the time of year where the mental fortitude of many healthy eaters is tested.

So, if you’re one of the many whose will-power faltered and you overindulged on Thanksgiving, don’t worry, as there is a way that you can make things right, and get back to your healthy ways. These simple strategies can help you repair the damage, and have you fitting back into your favorite pair of holiday jeans in no time.

Just Go Back To Normal
It does sound easier said than done, but once you make it your goal to get back to your normal, healthy eating habits, the rest will be much easier to follow. Take it slow, and steadily incorporate your normal eating habits back into your routine. Throw leftovers in the trash so that you’re not tempted to fall back into binge eating. Doing the things you did, in terms of eating before the holidays came about, helps the body to readjust to the previous eating routine. Try to eat at the same time every day, and try to consume the same amount of calories. Doing this will help to maximize the rate of your metabolism, and regulate blood sugar and insulin.

Readjust Your Serving Sizes
Instead of cutting out all of the foods you love, try to incorporate more fruits, vegetables and lean protein into your meals. Slowly bring down the size of your plate, both literally and figuratively, and you’ll adjust and transition nicely back into the healthier way of eating. Simply going from huge Thanksgiving plates, to smaller, healthier ones in a heartbeat, can throw off your metabolism and you can actually end up storing glycogen and visceral fat much easier. Condense at your own pace and you’ll be back to your healthy ways sooner than you think.

Up Your Intake Of Potassium
Adding potassium to your daily eating routine, especially after gorging on unhealthy foods that offer less than stellar nutrients, is essential, because potassium acts as a natural diuretic. Eating more helps to reduce bloating and can help you relieve water retention.

Get Active & Drink Water
Rid the body of the stored glycogen by sweating it out. Getting active, and even upping the intensity a little after the holidays can help to burn off the stored fat within the body. Drink plenty of water to help with the process, to aid you in recovery and hydration. 


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