The Keys To Adjusting Your Sleep Habits

The key to getting good sleep is highly contested and debated among almost everyone. This is partly because getting a good night’s shut eye looks different to just about everyone. Some people need noise to fall asleep, others need a nice warm glass of milk, and others sometimes even rely on pills. Regardless of how you come by your solid seven hours, it’ll always remain true that sleep is essential. Not getting sufficient sleep means that your body will begin to feel the effects almost immediately, and the mind will certainly follow suit. These unique tips will help you enjoy more quality sleep:sleep

Change Your Perspective

It’s important to view sleep as a necessity and not something that you can go without on a regular basis. Making sleep a priority is a way to train the body to crave it, and in doing so, you are helping to keep your body healthy.

Start Slow

Getting more sleep is a slow process; especially for those that are trying to adjust and get a little more of it. Starting slow by going to bed about 20 minutes earlier can help to adjust the body’s internal clock. Doing this more and more can help you to get to sleep faster and to stay asleep for longer. This gradual change will become easier for the body, and the mind to coexist and to properly adjust to (especially when compared to diving right in).

Keep Your Cool

The temperature of the room you sleep in is also key in upping your sleep efforts. Anywhere from about 65-70 degrees is optimal, as it helps the body to ease into a state of relaxation and REM sleep.

Nix The Night Cap

Contrary to popular belief, that tiny glass of scotch before you turn in actually derails your efforts to sleep, as alcohol disrupts the REM sleep cycle drastically. Since the body is replenishing itself as you sleep, laying down with alcohol in the system makes this infinitely more difficult. If you’d like a drink, try water, hydrate the body as it shuts down and wake up feeling refreshed.


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