The Many Health Benefits of Celery


celeryThe world of produce is expansive and it can sometimes be overwhelming. A walk through the produce section of your local grocery store, or through any farmers market has the potential to be quite over stimulating, as the options are endless.

Vegetables and fruits of various shapes, sizes, and colors, with health benefits that are disputed by different research bodies, are on display and many do not know what to choose for their own health needs. Add in the seemingly newer trendy element of certain produce, like kale, or “superfoods,” and it feels impossible to pick a few produce items for your health.

How about going back to the basics? Celery is one of the mot boring vegetables in existence, but it also definitively overlooked in terms of its health benefits. Besides the old adage of burning more calories eating celery than consuming, celery has a multi-faceted roster of health benefits that so many are completely unaware of. Let’s look further into some of these benefits.

  • For those who struggle to incorporate enough water into their diet, celery is comprised of roughly 95% water. A couple of celery stalks per day could potentially make up for a glass or two here and there in an effort the reach the ideal eight glasses of water per day.
  • Steaming vegetables often results in nutrient depletion, decreasing the overall benefit of the vegetable itself. However research has shown that celery is one of the more resilient vegetables when steamed, retaining many of its nutrients, specifically antioxidants.
  • A note on the aforementioned antioxidants. Celery is rich in this phytonutrient, which plays a crucial role in managing inflammation. Those with arthritis or any musculoskeletal issue could benefit greatly from a little extra celery in their diet.
  • There is a high level of fiber in celery, which could play a role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol in some individuals. Fiber also provides assistance in the digestion process.
  • Certain nutrients found in celery called flavonoids have been linked to cancer prevention. While the research is still relatively young, it points to a heightened level of protection against free radicals in the body.

So there you have it! Next time you find yourself confused in the produce section, take a breath and reach for one of the basics in celery.

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