Thread of Truth: Why Floss is Boss

We’re taught to brush our teeth when we’re young children. Brush up and down for at least two minutes, and follow it with mouthwash. We all know the drill. For many people, this life lesson also includes the addition of floss. Floss after each brush, and you’re good to go. It wasn’t until recently that I realized just how many people skip this portion of tooth health.

Flossing is something that shouldn’t be skipped, and yet far too many people underestimate its importance. Not only does it make your teeth look better, it brings some substantial health benefits to your body, and when you skip it, it brings substantial risks. If you skip floss a little too often, check out these great reasons to make it a part of your everyday routine without fail.

Flossing Regularly Makes You Look Nice

This might seem like a superficial reason, but it’s actually multifaceted. Flossing keeps your teeth whiter because it removes trapped debris. This removal also prevents decay, slows gum recession, and fights gum disease. While you can enjoy the benefit of a more beautiful smile, you can also rest assured that by flossing regularly, you are protecting the health and wellness of your smile.

It Saves Money

If you are one who regularly attends the dentist’s office, you’re in the minority. Far more people wait until something major happens before making an appointment. When something big does happen, it generally results in a lot of pain and quite the expensive bill. Flossing might help to eliminate some of these bigger dental problems. Since floss helps to ward off gum disease, excessive plaque, and decay, you may be able to save money on dental procedures in the future.

It Keeps Your Heart Healthier

Gum disease has been directly linked to heart disease. If you have gum disease or unhealthy teeth, you are more likely to suffer from heart problems. The healthier you keep your teeth, the healthier you may be able to keep your heart. This is a big bonus of flossing, as just a few minutes a day might very well save your life.

Flossing might seem like an option in your regular routine, but it’s probably more important than you realize. Once you start the habit and get used to it, you’ll never be able to go back. Your teeth will feel cleaner, smoother, and you’ll enjoy better health and a beautiful smile to boot.

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