Tips For Healthy Eating This Holiday Season

It’s no secret that during the Holiday season, our lives get a little crazier. Our schedules packed with social gatherings, family outings, planning, and maybe even traveling. That being said, it is easy to let our regular fitness routines or meal planning go out the window when the festivities ensue.

While we still want to enjoy all the great food we’re surrounded by at parties or in our own homes, it’s important to pay attention to the amount we’re consuming. This fall, make it a goal to not put on that extra weight while you’re busy enjoying yourself with these helpful tips. 

1. Be a smart chef.

If you’re cooking the food yourself, try adding an extra side of non- starch veggies and ditching that extra side of creamy potatoes or pasta. If you are making a creamy dish, use half the amount of whole milk or cream by swapping the other half with low-fat milk or cream. Be sure to always check nutrition labels to find out just how much sugar, fat and sodium are in each product. 

2. Stay away from the appetizers.

It’s easy to forget how many mini-sliders or cheese and cracker’s we eat, especially when they’re readily available. Make a mental note that if you don’t need a plate and a utensil to eat it, skip it. If you are so inclined to indulge, be sure to have only one of each appetizer option. 

3. Don’t be saucy.

If the option is available, skip the dip on the fresh veggies and go easy on salad dressings. On top of your mashed potatoes or turkey, use a controlled amount of gravy. If you’re going to have a side of corn or peas and add a cream sauce, make the sauce on the separately from the vegetables and add only a tiny amount (or skip it) to your serving. 

4. Don’t load up on bread.

A warm roll is always good, especially before a hot meal on a cold day. This year, opt for whole wheat  or rye bread instead of white or sourdough. Apply only a small amount of butter and rip the roll in half. 

5. The dessert debate.

Yes, we love cookies, we love cake, and we sure love pie. And no, you don’t have to completely say no any of the above. However, be smart. If you’re cooking it yourself, use low fat options. You could also switch up your dessery menu by adding for fresh fruit with yogurt or chocolate covered strawberries. Helpful hint: try skipping the pie at dinner but still satisfy your palate by having a traditional dessert either as a morning snack or after lunch. If you have cookies or chocolates on your kitchen counter, but them out of sight so you’re not reminded of them all day.  

6. The drinking dilemma.

While we all love that glass of wine with dinner or enjoy champagne at a cocktail party, it’s important to take note of just how much you’re drinking. Not only can alcohol increase hunger but it also lower inhibitions, making you less aware of all that you’re consuming. Try adding some sparking water to your bubbly champagne and drink your red wine slowly, savoring the flavor. Stay away from heavy, sugary cocktail mixes and stick to either light beer or wine.  In addition, having a glass of water in between drinks can help you stay sober and make you less likely to have one too many. 

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